KUKKO Qualität

Innovation, competence, quality, service and customer proximity

have for decades been the foundation of the company's success in the world's markets. More than 60% of production is exported and sold worldwide in more than 100 countries.


The success with more than 150 extractor types in more than 500 different implementation sizes has, over time, resulted in the KUKKO brand name becoming synonymous with pulling tools. Strict adherence to the requirements of the customer benefit – as well its modernity, high technical competence, significant financial power, and timely customer service – has made KUKKO an esteemed partner of the retail trade and one of the top European system suppliers in the workshop area of the automotive industry.


Quality policy


"Quality remains long after the price is forgotten." This quote from Harry Gordon Selfridge is the motto of KUKKO in all of the company's processes.

Quality is seen here as the entirety of all processes. Of course, for tools quality is primarily seen as the longest possible life for a product that works very well. However, we and our customers see more to it.

Today, it is no longer enough simply to offer a high-quality product. In particular, providing data to retail, but also to users is one area of quality. Especially in direct sales, users need to receive precise and above all correct data in order to select the right product for their needs.

Another building block of quality is the accessibility of KUKKO and the simplicity of communication. The more difficult communication is for customers, the worse they will consider the service and thus their overall estimate of the quality. For retail customers, the process costs are an important factor. KUKKO attempts to keep process costs as low as possible for their customers. Thus, for example, spare parts are easy to call up.

Another factor for total quality is the availability of the products. That means, on the one hand, direct warehouse availability on the part of KUKKO, but also the availability of products in specific countries, regions or continents.

We see quality and the improvement of quality as a continual obligation in every phase of our action.



For almost 100 years, we have produced pulling tools for users in craft trades and industry. We are an independent, owner-operated family company, now in the fourth generation, with above-average returns, at 100% equity financing and are one of the leading producers of pulling tools of all kinds.

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