KUKKO Technologien

KUKKO technologies

The T-jaws guarantee maximum stability due to the mounting of the pulling jaws in the sliding part.      
      Automatic spread adjustment and self-centering of pulling jaws.
The operating nut is easy to turn thanks to a built-in pressure bearing. Friction resistance is reduced to a minimum.      
      The geometry of the cross-bar and sliding parts has been optimized to ensure particularly easy movement of the pulling jaws along the cross-beam.
Pulling tool with hydraulic function.      
      Smooth-running, self-adjusting spring-back pulling jaws
Unique, simple pullback of the nut splitter chisel to remove it from deformed or split nuts. The chisel does not get stuck in the nut.      
      Pulling jaws specifically developed for precise mounting in bearing tracks for optimal support and better extension force.
Anti-slip technology developed in-house for preventing the pulling jaws from accidentally slipping.      
      Knurled knobs allows rapid loosening and adjusting of the pulling jaws on the cross-beam without the need for a wrench.
By turning the locking bolt, the pulling jaws are centered and tensioned and therefore firmly grip the part to be pulled off. This prevents moving or slipping      
      Optimal adjustment of spindle to shaft with two-sided spindle top.
Specially developed springs which allow a compact design with enormous space-saving and, at the same time, the transfer of force.      



For almost 100 years, we have produced pulling tools for users in craft trades and industry. We are an independent, owner-operated family company, now in the fourth generation, with above-average returns, at 100% equity financing and are one of the leading producers of pulling tools of all kinds.

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