Environmental protection




The aims of our Environmental Guidelines are:

  1. to protect, cultivate and maintain the natural foundations for life;
  2. to promote sustainable development;
  3. to consider environmental protection as a matter of fact in the thinking and actions behind every decision.


In order to protect the environment and reduce pollution and negative environmental impacts:

  • All actions that could jeopardize people and the environment will be avoided.
  • All pollution will be reduced through continuous process optimization and investment decisions.
  • Environmentally aware actions will be fostered among our employees through training and instilling a sense of responsibility.
  • Avoidance and recycling of waste and its feedback into the materials cycles are key requirements in our company.
  • it is our duty and a matter of course to comply with all existing laws and ordinances as well as official instructions and requirements in permits.


These Environmental Guidelines are used at all our company's sites.

Partners who influence part of the manufacture of our products are required to acknowledge and comply with these guidelines.

Compliance with and achievement of the aims we have set are monitored regularly and the guidelines are continually amended to take account of new findings and technical possibilities.


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