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For a century (100 years), KUKKO has been producing unique high quality extracting tools for individuals in trade and industry.  We are an independent, fourth generation, family owned company known for being one of the world’s leading producers of extraction tools. 
From inception, KUKKO specialized in the development and manufacturing of unique high quality extraction tools for the non-destructive dismounting of gears, bearings, ball bearings in all areas of technology.  To this day, the product lines, extraction and dismounting tools, are the core business of the KUKKO Group.
With years of tool manufacturing experience, we utilize modern methods to produce tools for individuals in all business segments; from window fitting to the aircraft industry. Numerous German and foreign patents, registered designs and utility models attest to the intense, continuous and successful developments. An important marketing focus is our continued and opened conversations with our valued customers.  It is only through these mutual exchanges of experiences that problems can be effectively recognized and eventually solved.  A selection of specific KUKKO products will be determined and then demonstrated to the customer by our sales team along with our expert advice.  The end result, experiences, new tasks and suggestions for improvements immediately make their way into the factory.  

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