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PULLPO — inspired by great role models.

Contact-free is a new dimension in nondestructive extraction.

You’ve got a defective bearing which cannot be grabbed from the inside or outside. On top of this, there’s nowhere to support a traditional puller to extract the bearing. Until now, this was an exceptional scenario which could not be resolved by technical means without damaging the bearing.

KUKKO’s solution to this problem takes its inspiration from nature, imitating the precise grip of the octopus. Introducing PULLPO: the latest generation of pullers, designed to fill the gap in puller applications and provide extreme ease of use. PULLPO allows ball bearings to be removed completely contact-free. Neither the puller nor the spindle come into contact with the shaft or the housing. The puller’s arms and hooks are simply inserted into the outer ring of the bearing with the aid of support rings. They center and tighten entirely on their own. Thanks to the puller’s special design, the pulling hooks guarantee a solid grip during the removal process and allow for higher extraction forces.

Depending on the ball bearing size, PULLPO is used with three or four jaws. The most innovative feature of this remarkable puller is how it transfers power: the spindle is not propped up, but rather is attached to the bearing using support crosses to form a complete unit. After the puller is placed, the spindle is operated with a torque wrench and the bearing is gently removed. The flange on the spindle head prevents the wrench from slipping. This allows the bearing to be removed without leaving any marks.

The sophisticated PULLPO mechanism takes non-destructive extraction to its next evolutionary stage and opens up completely new areas of application. If impact force is additionally required for the removal process, the PULLPO’s SWITCH Technology allows a slide hammer to be used as well.

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