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Strength where it’s needed.

Selecthor — the new champion soft-faced hammer from KUKKO.

Power isn’t everything. Many materials such as ceramics and thin-walled lightweight components require very careful handling. It becomes a challenge when both the precise application of force and the protection of materials are required. KUKKO has the answer. With the Selecthor soft-faced hammer, every hit is truly effective. The unique, innovative anti-kickback inlay of the Selecthor generates 1.5 times more impact energy.

Selecthor produces results with fewer strokes. The full impact force is transmitted in an impulsive manner to the workpiece. This not only protects the joints, but also improves the impact power while being particularly gentle on the materials. This allows impact-sensitive surfaces to be worked, positioned and aligned with precision.

Replaceable impact inserts allow the impact hardness to be adapted to the desired area of application. All impact inserts are oil- and grease-resistant. The premium steel precision casting housing and the ergonomic handle made of resistant hickory wood ensure exceptional stability. All bolted parts are protected with spring washers. Selecthor is available in eight sizes ranging from 30 to 125 mm.

All advantages at a glance

• 50% more power than all other soft-faced hammers
• 100% kickback free
• Maximum material protection
• Perfect impact with reduced force
• Flexible impact inserts
• Provides high impact energy without putting strain on the wrists
• Hammers do not break or split

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