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KUKKO sweeps the Plus X Awards

K-2030 series receives special award and is selected as product of the year 2022

About K-2030 series

The case sets of the 20 and 30 series are equipped with universal puller tools from KUKKO. The multi-part equipment with two- and three-jaw pullers and various accessories can be individually adapted to the respective application. Thanks to diverse combination options with standard jaws or narrow jaws, with extensions and additional jaws, the sets secure numerous applications and are part of the basic equipment in the plant and workshop.

Best product of the year 2022

The K-2030 series has been awarded a very special seal of quality. Only those products that offer particular added value for the end consumer are honored as the Best Product of 2022. The special Plus X Award serves as a guide for customers and retailers when making purchases and stands for maximum product convenience.

The Award

The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation prize for technology. Even before the award for the best product of the year 2022, all KUKKO case sets of the K-2030 series have been awarded due to their special benefits. In the categories High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ergonomics KUKKO proves with these sets unique performance and special quality. The universal puller sets convinced the international jury, consisting of expert judges from over 80 industries.

The award categories

High Quality
One of the most important seals of quality for a product is the “High Quality” label, because on the one hand it embodies the manufacturer’s efforts to provide the customer with the best quality. On the other hand, the seal also stands for the durability of a product. The KUKKO Original range – consisting of 150 puller types and 500 insert sizes – stands for a unique range diversity, highest product quality, “Made in Germany” and a lifetime guarantee for the provision of spare parts.

If a product fulfills its function or even a group of functions in a particularly efficient and user-friendly manner, it is awarded the Plus X Award seal of approval for functionality. This is what the modular KUKKO system stands for. This enables every user to assemble his own individual puller. Thanks to the modularity, jaws can be exchanged quickly, the clamping depth can be extended by extensions, and the load distribution can be improved by 3-arm design.

Ease of Use
One example of special operating convenience are the manual adjustment knurls with Quick Adjust technology. This guarantees quick release or shifting of the puller jaws on the crosshead without tools. The K-2030 series also impresses with maximum flexibility. By simply turning the jaws, an external puller becomes an internal puller.

One goal of ergonomics is to produce products that are manageable and comfortable to use. If pure muscle power is no longer sufficient to operate the spindle on the K-2030 series, KUKKO supplies the perfect hydraulic upgrade for the puller. Thanks to an additional hydraulic press, particularly high pull-off forces can be achieved, and without much effort. Another example of ergonomic working are the knurls, which are present on every puller of the K-2030 series. These fit particularly well in the hand and impress with their grip.

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