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Selecthor — The champion of soft-face hammers

In keeping with its tradition of wanting only the best, KUKKO has won gold yet again — this time in soft-face hammers. 

The Selecthor hammer features our innovative KUKKO intelligence inside technology. Thanks to its anti-rebound inlay, the best-in-its-class hammer guarantees maximum impact power with minimal joint strain. “The new soft-face hammer perfectly complements our range of non-destructive disassembly tools. Its precise and completely rebound-free force makes the Selecthor an absolute heavyweight among soft-face hammers. Our customers are extremely enthusiastic,” says managing director Michael Kleinbongartz, referring to the benefits of the new KUKKO innovation. 

The anti-rebound inlay improves the total impact force by a factor of 1.5. This means the Selecthor provides 50 percent more power than any other soft-face hammer while requiring less energy from the user. This, coupled with flexible impact inserts made of rubber, plastic or nylon which provide the perfect impact hardness for every application, makes every stroke an effective hit — even on highly sensitive materials and impact-sensitive surfaces.

Selecthor — The champion of soft-face hammers

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