60 years of the standards association

In July 2010, the Tools and Jigs Standards Committee (FWS) celebrated its 60th anniversary. The anniversary year is an outstanding milestone in a long and sometimes eventful history for this standards association. During the last six decades, they developed many important standards which made essential contributions to the safety of tool users and facilitated trade in the tool industry.

As chair of the FWS advisory board, I am pleased to take the occasion offered by this anniversary to present the standards association's various areas of expertise to the broader public. Experts such as tool manufacturers and tool users as well as from professional associations, commerce, science and research have contributed to advancing the standardization of tools and jigs, especially with an international orientation. I would like to expressly emphasize the commitment of small and mid-sized companies.

In the report of the first meeting of the FWS advisory board in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1972, I was particularly struck in the comments on the vote that the only no vote was based on the argument that at least one member of the advisory board should come from the Remscheid area.

Behind the expression of this single request, I see a call for active cooperation with the tool manufacturers in the Bergisches Land and its FWI organization with the goal of developing mandatory standards with manufacturers and being able to incorporate them into products as quickly as possible, which has been implemented exceptionally well in recent years.

FWS has succeeded very well in handling both classic subjects, such as hand tools, and innovative products, technologies and areas of application, such as the exchange of tool data, as fields of standardization in order to quickly establish new developments as the state of the art in the tool market. The promotion of support programs for aiding innovations in the development of tools and their transfer into standardization are an important step in strengthening mid-sized companies in particular in their innovation and market positioning.

I would like to thank all participants for their great commitment, and I wish FWS continued great success in the future.


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