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Europäer / Series 1900

A great addition to any toolbox

A versatile choice for every craftsman

The series 1900 is suitable for pressing and holding multiple workpieces. This adjustable wrench with double-sided jaws fits any size. Whether you are using metric, imperial, square, hexagonal or special sizing – it is always the right situation.

This series 1900 can be clamped flat to flat as well as round to flat. The locked-unlocked system prevents slipping on the workpiece. Precise fit thanks to a millimeter and inch scale.


In addition to being adaptable to any wrench size, the series 1900 can also be used as a clamp to hold parts.

Overview of benefits:

Everything under control: No uncontrolled adjustment thanks to locking mechanism.
Better grip thanks to soft plastic protective caps for a good grip.
Adaptable: Diamond-shaped jaw on one side enables the machining of round or multi-edged components.
Universality: Convertible to different sizes by simply turning the handle.

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