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Circlip pliers service set

KUKKO makes every move count

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The circlip pliers service set of the 728 series is suitable for the mounting and dismounting of circlips on shafts and in boreholes.
The shape of the plier tips plays a crucial role in getting a good grip on internal circlips. The plier tips reach into the circlip holes and enable the safe insertion/removal of the circlip.

The right pliers for every application

Whether the circlips are internal, external, angled, straight, deep or difficult to reach: Our forged circlip pliers can be applied precisely into the circlip holes while enabling an unobstructed view of the tips.

to the series


Makes work easier: Work comfortably in spots that are difficult to reach.
Force transmission: Users decide freely what force they wish to apply on the workpiece.
Safety: The non-slip, stable tips ensure that work is performed safely.

The internal circlip is difficult to reach without pliers.

The pliers are inserted into the boreholes of the circlip.

The circlip is safely removed.

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