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Universal 2-jaw puller with quick adjusting jaws

Perfection in Pulling Power

he two-arm universal puller from KUKKO is flexibly suitable as an external and internal puller. Equipped with KUKKO’s quickadjust‍ technology, the 20-10+ offers the most comfort during use.

The manual adjustment knobs allow for quick release and shifting the jaws on the crossbeam. By turning the hooks, the 20-10+ is also multifunctional for extracting bearings, gears, and discs.

The part to be extracted is seated on a shaft and is freely accessible from the outside. ‍The gear is gripped from the outside and is then released from the shaft by tightening the spindle.

The part to be extracted is located in a recess and can therefore only be reached from the inside.
There must be a shaft or support inside the ball bearing to build up a counter-pressure to ensure the extraction process.

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