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Soft-faced mallet champion Selecthor

Choose the King of all Mallets

The Selecthor is equipped with the innovative KUKKO intelligence built in. Thanks to an anti-recoil inlay, the best in its class guarantees maximum impact power with minimum stress on the joints. The full impact force is transferred to the piece you’re working on, so the Selecthor achieves the desired result with only a few strokes. Avoid wasting valuable working time!

Flexible impact inserts made of rubber, plastic, or nylon offer the right impact strength for every application. The advantage is obvious: Selecthor is particularly gentle on the material. Impact-sensitive surfaces can thus be precisely positioned, aligned, or worked on. The various hammer inserts also allow project-specific work, as the hammer can be adapted to the needs of the user.

to the mallets

Give each stoke a real impact

1.Stroke path phase
The microfine metal balls of the anti-recoil inlay are moved backwards by the centrifugal force.

2. Impact phase
The impact insert hits the material and the metal balls move towards the impact point.

3. Anti-rebound effect
Now the entire mass of the anti-recoil inlay is added and generates 1.5 times the impact energy. At the same time, the Selecthor is prevented from rebounding.

Strike with precise power

Rubber insert – polyurethane

Areas of application:
Setting curbstones 
Paving projects
Laying floor tiles

Plastic insert – cellulose acetate

Areas of application:
Toolmaking and mechanical construction
Folding and bending work
Car body construction
Loosening tires/rims
Positioning of workpieces

Nylon insert – nylon polyamide 6

Areas of application:
Foundry work
Mold making
Vehicle repair
Road construction
Heavy industry

Application video Selecthor

Our heavyweight

The Selecthor soft-faced mallet with exchangeable impact inserts offers an energy-saving recoil for ergonomic working with repetitive impacts.

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