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Unique ID for maximum product quality

Maximum product quality and user safety are the key requirements upon which our service promise is based.

To guarantee this, every single part in the KUKKO product range has an individual part number. This number allows the qucik and smooth processing of repeat orders or complaints.
At the same time, it also signifies KUKKO´s commitment to ensuring a high degree of sustainability.

What´s new

All KUKKO products are now labelled with a type plate.
This marking contains the following information:
the item number, the serial number, the product QR Code, the manufacturer´s name and address, the dimensions, the origin of the tool and the marking of the performance.

The Benefits

1. Quality and safety promise:Customers can rest completely assured that KUKKO products are quality products. This guarantees maximum safety and prevents any form of product privacy and counterfeiting.
2. Lifelong support warranty:
The product is clearly traceable by its serial number and can receive a lifetime support warranty by registering with KUKKO.
3. Individual tool ID:
The unique allocation of a serial number gives the product a unique identification characteristic.This makes repeat orders and traceability as simple as possible.

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