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У вас возникли вопросы? Мы рассмотрим ваши запросы и с удовольствием подберем вместе с вами подходящее решение. Выберите один из приведенных ниже вариантов:

KUKKO presents new products

Discover our brand-new products — from fall protection to Power Nut

KUKKO kicks off the new year with a variety of new products and makes the world of (dis)assembly even easier, more efficient and faster. Immerse yourself in our new 2021 sales drivers for disassembly, hydraulics and safety applications.

We´ve got new products waiting for you!

1. Circlip pliers service set

The series 728 is suitable for fitting circlips on shafts and into bores.

2. Set of slide hammer in case

The series KS-22 is suitable for extracting bushings and components with threads (dowel-pins, parallel-keys, bolts, etc.).

3. Ball joint extractor

The series 129-3/-4 is suitable for extracting ball pins when dismantling ball joints, track-rod ends on track rods.

4. Power Nut

The series 67 is suitable for clamping tools or use as a movement thread. Maximum bearing load with minimal friction.

5. Combination puller set

The series 486 is suitable for removing bearings, gears and discs. Can be used for internal and external extracting.

6. Fall protection

The series 660 is suitable for securing and preventing the puller from falling. Flexible application thanks to variable mounting options.

7. Welder vise-grip wrench

The series 695 is suitable for central clamping when welding profile or flat material on impact. Our product range offers many more locking pliers for various applications.

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8. Hydraulic range

The robust, hydraulic pullers from KUKKO are able to solve even extreme pulling problems and facilitate heavy physical work.

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Thanks to the modular system, you can assemble your tool individually.

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