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У вас возникли вопросы? Мы рассмотрим ваши запросы и с удовольствием подберем вместе с вами подходящее решение. Выберите один из приведенных ниже вариантов:


Set of interchangeable pressure pads

The right head for every application

This set of interchangeable pressure pads counts as the ideal supplement for KUKKO pressure spindles with interchangeable heads. Combination options yield six different application possibilities for individual adjustment on the shaft.

The set contains: An interchangeable pressure pad with dual head, a flat pressure pad, a concave pressure pad, a pressure pad with large head, a pressure pad kit, a magnetic mini LED light, and special grease.‍

Pressure pad with large head

Pressure pad with concave contact face

Pressure pad with dual head


1. Centering: ‍There is a large centering hole on the shaft journal. Here, we recommend the large-headed pressure pad.

2. Specially shaped shaft journal: The shaft journal is rounded off or the bearing pin is so large that the disc pressure pad doesn’t lie flat. The concave pressure pad should be used.

3. Shaft journal with flat surface:The front surface of the shaft journal is flat. The disc pressure pad should be used. This is lowered on the inside to accommodate small bearing pin.

4. Hollow shafts: Spindle pressure pad and pressure pads can be combined for support on different hollow shafts.


Modular system: Spindle pressure pad can be combined with pressure pads.
Duality: Two-sided head for smooth surfaces or centering.
Spring washer: Stabilizes the head in the spindle and allows for easy head replacement.
Universality: Any installation position can be covered.
Non-destructive dismantling: Gentle removal thanks to replaceable heads. A compressive load is all there is.

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