Консультант по решениям

У вас возникли вопросы? Мы рассмотрим ваши запросы и с удовольствием подберем вместе с вами подходящее решение. Выберите один из приведенных ниже вариантов:


Universal 2-jaw puller «Economy»

The smart solution — pulling with KUKKO

In turbulent times like these, drastic cuts are made to our everyday lives — especially from a financial perspective.
With its universal 2-jaw puller «Economy», KUKKO offers a cost-effective alternative to the 20 series.
It can be used for removing bearings, gears, and discs.

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Ready to use: Easy handling and immediately good to go.
Make 2 out of 1
: Turning the pulling hooks enables them to be used both internally and externally.
Push to unlock
: Protects the hook from slipping off the cross-beam.
End safety
: Allows the hooks to be changed quickly by pushing down.
: Also suitable for pulling asymmertric workpieces.
: Has the same function as the 20 series.

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