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Our mission statement

What makes us different.

Culture that lives and moves

At KUKKO, our values characterize us and our company — each of our employees are expected to embody these values and to make them central to their interactions with team members, customers and business partners. Everyone at KUKKO is a representative of our values. Behaving as our values dictate makes us a credible and attractive choice for our customers and partners. This applies to every action: our joint work in internal teams, from customer inquiries and complaints to our observance of deadlines. Our values are a promise to our customers, partners and colleagues that we must always adhere to. With each interaction, each person should ask themselves: Are we being proactive? Are we thinking ahead to find the best solutions? Are we reliable and honest? Living our values is about being able to answer “Yes” to these questions.

We are proactive.

We are committed and strong-minded. We accept changes. We solve our customers’ problems as quickly and flexibly as possible. We do not shy away from challenges but tackle them with enthusiasm. We focus on solving the problem. Every employee works responsibly on developing solutions in his or her area of responsibility. When working in a team, each individual is committed and brings knowledge and experience which enables us to achieve the best result.

We think ahead.

Thinking ahead is a tradition at KUKKO. A tradition of gaining experience, looking to the future, examining possibilities and implementing new ideas quickly and flexibly. This is how we create innovative solutions and continue to improve. Every employee is encouraged to participate in the development of future-oriented products and solutions. We want to inspire customers and ensure that our company will be successful in the future. We support, challenge and encourage each other to develop ideas, to consider these as a team, and to explore new paths.

We are reliable and honest.

We treat our customers, colleagues and employees with care and respect. We assume responsibility for our tasks and work diligently. Our customers, business partners and colleagues can count on us. We keep our promises. If we cannot keep our promises, we are open and honest with our customers, and we inform them well before any problems arise. We work together as a team. We listen and are open to suggestions and different points of view. This is what brings us together.

Our service promise

The unique strengths of KUKKO as a company can be summarized in a single sentence — strengths that we have already proven in the past and that are important to our customers today and will continue to be in the future.
This sentence is the service promise that we as a company give to KUKKO customers and partners. We are judged by whether we fulfill that promise. It is therefore important that every employee works to keep this promise in his or her area of responsibility and to bring it to life, whether in direct contact with our customers and business partners, in product development, or internally by supporting others through the completion of our own tasks and thus contributing to the end result of our work.

KUKKO is a dedicated solution developer that never stops working to apply its expertise and foresight to provide quick and reliable products and services for its customers and partners.

Our strategy

KUKKO — for a world in motion. We want our solutions and products to make a lasting contribution to preventing downtime.

Our mission

As the inventor of the puller, our focus and our desire to innovate have always been aimed at the careful and precise removal of rotating parts with the goal of keeping everything moving and preventing downtime.
This is why we are committed to productivity, prosperity and progress in industry, aviation, local and long-distance transport, logistics, agriculture and in private households today and in the future.

We want to be the world’s leading solution developer by 2025. We work today to solve the challenges of tomorrow
to keep our customers’ processes moving — now and in the future.

Our vision

KUKKO is a global company. As early as one hundred years ago, we were receiving orders from
Great Britain. The good relationships we formed back then are still valid today. Step by step we expanded our business into more countries. Through the establishment of global branches and strategic partnerships, we have invested in the future of our company.
We will continue on this path with determination and will further expand into new markets around the globe, where the demand for premium tools and solutions bearing the mark “Made in Germany” continues to rise.

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