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The Puller Guide


Many ball bearings are positioned on a shaft, inside a housing or both. Non-destructive disassembly requires a special type of puller. First, the dimensions of the ball bearing you are removing need to be determined. When choosing a puller, it is important to know whether the bearing is intended to be destroyed or reused.

The cage of the damaged ball bearing must be drilled out so that the semi-spheres of the puller pieces can be screwed in. This may cause chipping. If this is the case, we recommend using our series 69 products.

The specially developed puller hooks on our series 70 Pullpo can reach into the ball bearing raceway. This design ensures optimum support and higher extraction forces. This makes it possible to disassemble the ball bearing without destroying it.

Removing deep groove ball bearings which are encased within in a housing, but which have no support shaft, requires the use of a Pullpo puller to ensure reliable disassembly without destroying the ball bearing.

For this removal procedure, the spindle is turned over and the slide hammer is used. Thanks to the self-clamping mechanism of the hook and a pressure piece that simulates the shaft, the ball bearing can be removed by striking upward.

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