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Universal puller with swivel-mounted pulling jaws

Take extraction into your own hands

The 2-arm universal puller with swivel-mounted pulling hooks enables the extraction of smaller bearings, pulleys and gears.
The integrated T-handle generates the precise amount of force required for extraction.

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Examples of use

1. Automotive / Removal of wiper arms: Broken or damaged wiper arms need to be replaced. Due to corrosion, the screw used for fixing is often to tight that a puller needs to be used.

2. E-Bikes / Ball bearing replacement: The 2-arm universal puller is recommended for replacing a ball bearing in the electric motor of e-bikes.


Handling: Handy model that lies perfectly in the hand.
T-handle: Movable pin with maximum rotation in a very small space.
Self-centering of the hooks by tightening the spindle.
Stand alone: No other tools are required for the extraction process.
Force regulation: Adjustable T-handle for regulating the force.
Power transmission: The greater the pull-off-force, the stronger the grip of the pull-off-hooks on the workpiece to be extracted.
By feel: Direct manual adjustment by physical contact.
Two-arms: Swiveling pull-off hooks guarantee space-saving work.

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