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Series 14

quick adjusting capability and T-jaws with claw feet

KUKKO shows its claws to the competition

The series 14´s special features are its cross hooks with claw feet. During the pulling process, the scissor-like hook guide presses the claw feet against the part to be pulled off. This means it can reach even the narrowest gaps between sprockets, bearings and similar parts.

This is how it works: First the loose hooks can be mounted, only then the cross-beam and spindle are inserted from above.

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1. Extremely high span width range due to variable mounting of the pull-off-hooks
2. Span width and clamping depth can be adjusted individually
3. Pullers are self-tensioning and easy to use
4. Self-locking holding pins that do not fall out during operation

The scissor-like hook guide means a secure hold. The claw feet enclose the part.

The individual components can be reassembled. Hooks can also be reversed.

Uncrossing the pull-off-hooks increases the span range many times over.

We know how to secure holding pins!

Unlike many of our competitors, our retaining pins have a ball lock. This guarantees that the pins remain in their intended position at all times and do not fall out.

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