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Merchandiser, automotive pullers / commercial vehicle / agricultural machinery

Maximum height


9-2Auxiliary hydraulic ram
17-1Separator with quick clamping pressure spindle
18-1Pulling device
20-10+Universal 2-jaw puller with quick adjusting jaws
20-20+Universal 2-jaw puller with quick adjusting jaws
20-3+Universal 2-jaw puller with quick adjusting jaws
20-1+S-TUniversal 2-jaw puller wheel extremely narrow, quick adjusting jaws
21-1Internal extractor
21-2Internal extractor
21-3Internal extractor
21-4Internal extractor
21-5Internal extractor
21-6Internal extractor
21-7Internal extractor
22-0Slide hammer device
22-0-1Slide hammer device
43-3Universal 2-jaw puller with self-centering jaws
43-13Universal 3-jaw puller with self-centering jaws
48Battery terminal puller
54-2Double-edged mechanic nut splitter
54-3Double-edged mechanic nut splitter
128-F-SWUniversal whiper-arm puller
128-3Ball joint extractors
128-4Ball joint extractors
128-5Ball joint extractors
129-0-25Adjustable ball joint extractors lever type
129-3Adjustable ball joint extractors lever type, universal for medium-sized trucks, busses and construction vehicles
204-V2-jaw puller "Cobra" for inner races with side clamp
204-02-jaw bearing puller "Cobra" with separating claw and side clamp
210-12-jaw separator puller "Cobra" with adjustable reach
210-22-jaw separator puller "Cobra" with adjustable reach
129-5Ball joint extracting
K-2030-20Set of universal 2- and 3-jaw pullers
K-16Cylinder liner puller set
9-1Auxiliary hydraulic ram
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