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Series YHP

Hydraulic hand pump, gauge and hoses

For use with pullers in the Kukko line of hydraulic products.


drive engineeringAutomotiveCommercial vehiclesIndustry


Hydraulic technology



KUKKO quality standards


Articles of this series

EAN4021176pressurebareffective volumecm³strokemmtypemaximum loadtweightkglengthmm
YHP-32004572170070023Handpumpe / hand pump507.28 -
YHP-32111119870090023Pumpe mit Schlauch / hand pump with hoses508.375 -
YHP-32404580670090023Handpumpe mit Manometer / hand pump with gauge509.605 -
YHP-32504598170090023Handpumpe mit Schlauch und Manometer5010.05 -
YHP-32604648370090023Handpumpe mit Schlauch, Manometer und Metallkiste5016.13 -
YHP-420609688700200013Handpumpe / hand pump75 - -
YHP-421022968700200013Handpumpe mit Schlauch / hand pump with hoses75 - -
YHP-424103988700200013Handpumpe mit Manometer / hand pump with gauge759.605 -
YHP-425103995700200013Handpumpe mit Schlauch und Manometer / hand pump with gauge and hoses759.605 -
YF-200045646 - - -2 m Schlauch / 2 m hose -1.062000
YM-235157769 - - -700 bar Manometer / 700 bar gauge -1.605 -
YGA-2458644 - - -Adapter -0.89 -
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