Консультант по решениям

У вас возникли вопросы? Мы рассмотрим ваши запросы и с удовольствием подберем вместе с вами подходящее решение. Выберите один из приведенных ниже вариантов:


Universal puller set

One set for maximum mileage — from cars to air-conditioning systems

This 12-part Universal Puller Set from KUKKO allows you to remove bearings, gear wheels and discs in tight spaces.

 8-in-1 combination options
The jaws can be adapted to the application you need, entirely individually.
Both the narrow-hooked puller and the standard puller can be used with either two or three arms, with or without an extension.

Ready-to-use box

The box is ready to use immediately, as thanks to quick adjustment the tool can be operated with just one key.

Proven reliability a million times over
The Universal Puller Set by KUKKO comes in a practical i-Boxx. The boxes
can be stacked and clicked together. They are ideal for workshop storage and are also compatible with the Sortimo case system.

Five-year warranty
Thanks to an integrated chip, registering your warranty online extends it to five years within the EU.

The right hook for every application

1. Replacing the belt pulley: KUKKO makes it possible to disassemble automotive parts non-destructively, keeping people moving.

2. Changing the gear wheels:
KUKKO ensures perfect power transmission in electric engines.

3. Removing the fan wheel:
KUKKO guarantees improved air circulation for air-conditioning, ventilation und heating systems.

This set contains the basic equipment for the 2- and 3-arm pullers needed in every workshop.

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