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Series 135

KUKKO keeps you on track

For greater safety and driving comfort

Series 135 fork separators can be used to loosen ball bearing joints wedged into the cone seat, for loosening steering column levers, for disassembly of shock absorbers and for other separation projects of all kinds.

Safe and precise driving is only possible if the steering works. The steering gear must always be able to transmit any movement from the steering wheel to the front wheels – without exceptions.

Shock absorbers facilitate an improved driving experience. The greater the load that´s being carried, the faster they wear out. Increased wear and tear affects both the suspension and the steering.

With KUKKO´s fork separator, you can maintain your vehicle´s steering precision. Defective shock absorbers can be easily replaced.

Our fork separators are forged and of the highest quality!

Fork separator / Series 135

– Loosening of ball bearing joints wedged.
– Loosening of steering column levers.
– Disassembly of shock absorbers.
– Other separation projects.

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Making work easy: Get the job done with speed and durability.
: Can be used as a universal tool for all separation tasks.
Strength transmission
: Angled fork provides perfect leverage.
: Can even be used in tight spaces.

By hitting the fork separator with a hammer just a few times, the steering bearing can be released.

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