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Mechanical pressure screws

Series 6

Mechanical pressure spindle

Series 844-626

Mechanical pressure screws

Series 800-626

Mechanical pressure screw

Hydraulic pressure screws

Series 8

Long hydraulic spindles

Series 8-0

Long hydraulic spindles

Series 800

Short hydraulic spindles

Series 8-HP

Long hydraulic spindles with handle

Hydraulic accessoires

Series 9

Auxiliary hydraulic ram

Cross bars

Series 11

Spare parts for assembly 11

Series 844/845

Cross-beam for puller 844/845

Pulling hooks.

Series 0-P

2 pulling jaws (pair)

Series 0-S

3 pulling arms (set)

Series 1-P

2 narrow jaws (pair)

Series 1-S

3 narrow jaws (set)

Series 2-P

2 quick adjusting jaws (pair)

Series 2-S

3 quick adjusting jaws (set)

Series 3-P

2 narrow, quick adjusting jaws (pair)

Series 3-S

3 narrow, quick adjusting jaws (set)

Series 4-P

2 extremely narrow jaws (pair)

Series 4-S

3 extremely narrow jaws (set)

Series 5-P

2 extremely narrow, quick adjusting jaws (pair)

Series 5-S

3 extremely narrow, quick adjusting jaws (set)

Series SP-P

2 pulling jaws with adjustable length (pair)

Series SP-S

3 Jaws with adjustable lengths (set)

Series 70

Pulling hook sets

Series Y205

Jaw (individual) with accessories

Series 844/845

Spare parts for assembly 844/845


Series V-P

2 jaw extensions (pair)

Series V-S

3 jaw extensions (set)

Series 800

Spindle extension

Series 818

Pulling bolts and extensions

Series 19

2 Extensions for pulling devices (pair)


Series 600-17

Pressure pad bricks

Series 219

Clamp for 2-jaw pullers

Series K-600-xxx

Set of interchangeable pressure pads for KUKKO pressure screws

Pressure screw grease

Series KSF-69

KUKKO Special grease for pressure spindles

Series 699990

Bio-multi-oil, 6-in-1

Empty boxes

Series K-L-BOXX

KUKKO empty boxes Sortimo

Screw adapters, inserts and female adapters

Series GE

Thread inserts

Series GA

Threaded adapter

Series VM

Connecting nuts

Series GA-UNC

Screw adapter UNC