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Sealing ring extraction kit

KUKKO keeps transmissions well maintained

The sealing ring extraction kit K-222-1/7 from KUKKO is suitable for radial shaft seals, axial shaft seals, sealing sleeves and other bearing seals.

For pulling out easily accessible as well as difficult to reach sealing rings.
The kit contains: one universal push-out lever, one slide hammer, one awl, one replacemant hook, two extensions and special thread adapters.‍

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Application 1: Easily accessible sealing rings

The universal push-out lever is used for easily accessible sealing rings (e.g. shaft sealing rings where the shaft has been removed beforehand).
The sealing ring can easily be levered out.

Application 2: Sealing rings with little space / on a shaft

Use the slide hammer for sealing rings with little space or where the shaft has not been removed.

First, use the awl to pierce a hole in the flat surface of the shaft sealing ring.

Then screw the thread adapter into the pre-punched hole.
The slide hammer can then be mounted on the thread adapter.
The sealing ring can be loosened and pulled out with a few light taps of the slide hammer.

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