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Tire change with KUKKO

Stay on the road, even when it´s icy

October brings colder temperatures – the ideal time for a tire change.
The huge product range of KUKKO provides all the important tools needed to change from summer to winter tires.

Summer tires are made from a harder rubber blend. The colder the weather, the stiffer the tires. If the tire becomes brittle, there is an increased risk of the driver getting into an accident.

Winter tires are softer and have additional grooves. Snow and mud cannot settle in them. This guarantees a good grip and better traction on icy roads.

The winter tire change covers the period from October to Easter. Here it is recommended to mount the appropriate tires in time.

Short pit stop with KUKKO – Change to winter tires now!

Brake caliper tools set

For controlled, damage-free and tilt-free resetting of the pistons on disc brakes in cars, motorcycles and trucks with fixed-caliper disc brakes.

Brake piston retractor

The series 126-15 is suitable for retraction of the high-performance brake callipers in heavy or extremely high-performance vehicles. The solid design ensures that all pistons are retracted synchronously

Disk brake pad remover

The series 123 enables stuck brake pads to be removed from the fixed caliper of the disk brakes.

Soft scraper

The series 2200 is suitable for the careful removal of bonded weights, bonded protective strips, stickers, vignettes, etc.

KUKKO offers many other products for machining and maintenance for the automotive industry. From tools for removing axles and steering wheel pullers to tools for replacing wiper arms, every area of application is covered.

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Benefit from our wide range of products!

Oxidation can cause the break disk to stick to the wheel hub.

3-jaw puller with self-centering jaws

With the series 225 the dust cap can be easily removed to allow the brake disk to be released.

To loosen the brake disk we recommend the Selecthor soft-faced hammer.

Selecthor soft-faced hammer

Non-rebounding hammer with replaceable impact elements for industry, automotive, trades and home improvement.

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