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Series 13-TP

Seperators with 3 segments

For gentle pulling for spherical roller bearings and angular roller bearings.


drive engineering


KUKKO quality standards

Safety information

Articles of this series

EAN4021176Diameter of the shaftmmSelf-aligning roller bearingCARB toroidal roller bearingDeep groove ball bearingweightkgConical roller bearing, fittedCylindrical roller bearing
13-TP-110182312 - 5021304-22310C 2205-C 221061801-64100.475--
13-TP-210183025 - 10022205-22320C 2205-C 232061805-63202.805BT2B 332759-617335NN 4920-NN 4120
13-TP-310184750 - 16022211-23232C 2211-C 323261811-62326.665BT2B 332759-BT2B 332758NN 4920-NNU4132
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