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Series 211-TX-L

TX offset blade screwdriver, long

Makes work easier and is more resistant to wear-and-tear.




Articles of this series

EAN4021176Torx profileoffset blade long lengthmmoffset blade short lengthmmweightkg
211-6094027474798871TX 959,019,00.005
211-6104027474779580TX 1065,020,00.005
211-6154027474779665TX 1575,520,50.005
211-6204027474779740TX 2087,022,00.01
211-6254027474779825TX 2594,522,50.012
211-6274027474790042TX 27105,525,50.02
211-6304027474779900TX 30111,030,00.026
211-6404027474780067TX 40119,033,00.045
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