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KUKKO Locking pliers

The all-rounder in clamping mechanics

KUKKO provides the right grip

Locking pliers perfectly combine the functions of a vise and pliers. This 2-in-1 feature guarantees a perfect grip for every application.
By setting the adjusting screw, the locking pliers act as a “third hand”.
The advantage here is that the respective workpiece is clamped as it would be in a vise; the pliers do not have to be held while carrying out the work.
This ensures that the task can be completed with as much ease as possible.
In addition to its function as a vise, the locking pliers are also suitable for compressing metal sheets, clamping pipes, loosening tightly bolted connections, and stabilization while welding.

These are the benefits:

2-in-1 feature: Can be used as both a vise and pliers.
Single-handed operability: The pliers clamp independently and set workpiece in place.
Perfect handling: The opening width is regulated by the adjusting screw.
Maximum power: High level of tension thanks to the toggle lever transmission.
– By activating the additional lever, the pliers are easily released.

Everything is under control thanks to KUKKO

Universal vise-grip wrenches

The series 690 is suitable for secure clamping of rounded, profile and flat material.

Widemouth vise-grip wrenches

The series 694 is suitable for clamping edges and surfaces as well as bending and flanging thin, soft sheet metal.

Welder vise-grip wrenches

The series 695 is suitable for central clamping when welding profile or flat material on impact.

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The series 690 has a wire cutter that can be used to cut welding wires.

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