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Series K-58

Thread Repair Set

Thread replacement made easy

The series K-58 thread repair set is designed for restoring heavy-duty screw connections with stripped internal threads as well as for reparing defective or overtightened threads on all kinds of oil pans or drain plugs.

With the new threaded insert, it takes just a few steps to restore worn-out or damaged threads to their original condition in a proper and affordable manner!

The 60-piece set contains the following: 40 threaded inserts of various sizes, 4 drill bits, 4 countersink drill bits, 4 thread cutters, 4 insertion tools, a 2-part ratcheting tool holder, a bottle of organic multi-oil and a KUKKO chip with a unique serial number for warranty extension.

For metric threads M5, M6, M8 and M10.‍

To the series

Restore a thread in just six steps

1. Drill out the damaged thread using a drill bit.

2. Use a countersink drill bit to create a countersunk hole.

3. Spray the organic multi-oil on the thread cutter.

4. Use the thread cutter to drill a new thread.

5. Screw the threaded insertonto the insertion tool.

6. The insertion tool turns the thread insert.
Due to the special shape of the insertion tool, the thread insert is additionally slightly pressed.

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