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Presenting the new KUKKO website.

As a visionary solution developer, KUKKO also looks to the future when it comes to its online presence.

Our new website features a new design and new functionality you can feel. The completely redesigned website presents both the content and emotion of KUKKO’s guiding principle with a new corporate identity and new features. “Our new mobile site is part of a new direction at KUKKO that is consistently tailored to meet the needs of our customers and partners. The modular and flexible site guides the user intuitively through the KUKKO world and our range of pullers with a strong focus on practical relevance. We have placed particular emphasis on addressing each visitor personally, as well as on clarity and dialogue,” explains Caroline Blome, Communication Director at KUKKO, the relaunch. 

The design is clear, modern and very user-friendly. Our vision of ourselves as a global and committed solution developer is brought to life through practical use examples, improved product queries and consistent dialogue orientation. The website’s most notable new feature is its ever-present product support assistant, which is available on each page in the form of a visible support button that provides a range of options for contacting KUKKO for assistance. Depending on the consultation intensity and the complexity of the request, users can choose between four different forms of support. Whether the request requires an immediate phone call for clarification or is of a more complex and special nature, KUKKO responds to all inquiries as a reliable solution developer. 

A product configurator will also be added to the site soon to make it as easy as possible for customers to choose the best puller for their needs.
The site will be initially available in German and English, which will be followed by the addition of other languages.

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