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The 5 best tips for external extraction

With KUKKO, you will learn all you need to know about external extraction!

As an experienced and forward-thinking extraction specialist, KUKKO is the world’s number one in the field of non-destructive disassembly. We offer the right solution for even the most unusual extraction task.

As a pioneer in this field, we can guarantee the highest product quality and user safety at all times.
As no two extraction processes are the same, choosing the right puller is crucial. Correct handling and proper use are also important.

These are our pro tips!

1. Oil any sliding surfaces
For a simple extraction process, we recommend oiling the sliding surfaces over which the component is being extracted (e.g. with our KUKKO Bio-multi-oil). This ensures that frictional resistance is minimized at the seat of the component to be removed.

2. Grease the spindle
Greasing the spindle (with KUKKO Special grease) helps make the spindle guidance for the cross-beam run more smoothly. The use of spindle grease also prevents possible corrosion.

3.  Apply the puller correctly
The contact surfaces of the jaws must be straight and completely underneath the part to be extracted. If a central shaft is in place, the puller must always be placed in the middle.

4. Use interchangeable pressure pads
Interchangeable pressure pads are the ideal supplement for KUKKO pressure spindles with interchangeable heads. Combining these yields different application possibilities for individual adjustment on the shaft.

5. Use accessories properly
We supply the right accessories to adapt the external puller to any situation. Whether extensions, clamps or hydraulic spindles – KUKKO will find the right solution to any problem.

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