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Herhangi bir sorunuz mu var? Araştırmalarınızda size yardım edecek ve sizin için doğru çözümü sizinle birlikte bulmaktan mutlu olacağız. Aşağıdaki seçeneklerden birisini seçin:

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A defective ball bearing must be replaced, but which tool is required? You want to change the pulley on a crankshaft, but how do you get it solved? The bearing race of a wheel hub is to be replaced, but it is not so easy to remove.


For all these problems the configurator finds the right answer. Step by step, you enter the required data in order to receive a product recommendation as quickly as possible. This process is uncomplicated, user-friendly and leads directly to the goal.
The first step is to determine which part is to be replaced. There is a preselection of different workpieces.

1. What kind of part is it to be removed?

Specific data such as the inner or outer diameter, the size of the clamping depth or the space next to the part to be removed are then queried. Each individual user input has an effect on the product search. This guarantees that the puller required for further work is found.

2. How big are the environmental conditions?

Small information fields are available for each input step. You can reach them via the info icon . These explain in detail how to measure and what you should consider.

3. Puller found!

Once all the required data has been entered, you will receive your individual product recommendation. You will either be redirected to the product page or you can view alternative tools for machining.

Problem solved!

If there is no special solution available for a particular use case, you will be forwarded directly to our support via a contact form.

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